Your fabric order is on its way!

I usually love deliveries, but when I got my shipping confirmation email today for the fabric I ordered yesterday I actually hoped it wouldn’t arrive until next week!  I’ve bought lots of fabric online, but, with the exception of one anomaly project, that fabric has never worked out for the pattern I had in mind… if I even had one in mind!

Yesterday, with my plans for the next several weeks in hand, I scoured the shops for fabric that fit my plans. I was optimistic at the start, but ended with crippling doubt and had to just shut my eyes and click submit. Probably a little too much drama for $60 in fabric, but I’m so tired of wasting money and being disappointed.

I’ve been going back and forth on my “sew something from a newly purchased pattern” plans for the 52 week challenge. Right now I’m wanting something I can wear around Valentine’s Day, so something red or pink. This is what I’m now thinking…

It’s a t-shirt jersey knit that I don’t even know if I can sew with yet – but I’m going to try.  My hope is that I can use some black knit that is already in my stash on the sleeves.

I don’t have a great track record with knits, so in case that doesn’t work out I’ve got a back up plan for the actual “sew something pink or red” week…

I know for sure that I can sew this dress, but I don’t know for sure that this fabric will work.  I followed the advice of someone in the 52 week challenge FB group who thought flannel would work.  “Dress” is even in the fabric description, so surely she’s right?!?! I just had my heart set on pink plaid!   This one, to be exact – img_3167

I love it so much.  But it’s coating and too heavy for a dress.  [insert enormous pout]  It’s from Mood and not that expensive.  I should just buy it anyway and make a coat.

The other cut I ordered is to make matching button cowls for my sister and I using the Patterns for Pirates button cowl tutorial.

This one doesn’t fit in a theme week (I’m not waiting for buttons week!) but I don’t care. We need them!

I’m praying that these fabric choices are appropriate and that I can actually follow through with my plans!


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